We are short of turning 100,
spanning over 3 generations!

Our first generation originated from Iyo in Shikoku and laid the foundation with his ambitions, our second generation pioneered the incorporation of IT, our third generation led the company to globalization- that is how YOSHU came into existence and this is how we will continue to grow.
We have come this far, striving to be of use to our customers as well as for the happiness of all our employees.
We aspire to be a necessary existence on the global field even 100 or 200 years into the future.

  • 1933Jul
    Opening of machinery tools and hardware store in Yawatahama, Ehime by Yoshimasa Mori
  • 1937Jul
    Founded Yawatahama Hardware Trading
  • 1941Apr
    YOSHU SANGYO CO.,LTD founded (Capital 198,000 yen)
  • 1948Aug
    Founded Osaka Branch Office (Capital 1 million yen)
  • 1960Jul
    YOSHU TANPAN SANGYO CO.,LTD (Capital 20 million yen)founded in Minami-ku, Osaka (Capital 20 million yen)
  • 1964Jul
    Increase in capital to 28 million yen
  • 1967Apr
    Headquarters and factory moved to Mitejima in Nishiyodogawa
  • 1970Jul
    Increase in capital to 48 million yen
  • 1983Nov
    Yoshimasa Mori installed as Chairman, Seiichi Mori installed as President.
  • 1985Sep
    Opening of Matsuyama Sales Office
  • 1989Nov
    Matsuyama Office relocated, completion of new office and factory
  • 1991Apr
    Opening of Tokyo Sales Office
  • 1996May
    Headquarters and factory moved to Nakajima Industrial Park in Nishiyodogawa
  • 2000Jul
    Obtained ISO9002(1994)
  • 2001Apr
    Matsuyama Sales Office promoted to Branch Office
  • 2008Oct
    Seiichi Mori installed as Chairman, Shingo Mori installed as President
  • 2010Aug
    Founded YOSHU Co.,Ltd.(Shanghai)
  • 2013Feb
  • 2013Oct
    Junichiro Mori installed as Vice President
  • 2013Nov
    Founded V-Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd
  • 2015Oct
    Opening of Tokyo Office
  • 2015Dec
    Opening of Ota Sales Office
    Opening of Yase Sales Office
  • 2016Jan
    Founded Shanghai Guoyu Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 2018May
    Opening of Thai Office
  • 2018Jul
    Obtained ISO9001(2015)
  • 2019Jan
  • 2019Dec
    Founded Yoshu tanpan sangyo.co.,ltd,
  • 2030
    Sprinting towards the future!