We strive hard to remain relevant in this world.Our management policy involves making daily efforts to improve ourselves, in order to make our customers happy. Since our founding, our "Let's all be prosperous" mindset, our philosophy is to think for ourselves about what happiness is and what kind of contribution we can make to society.We believe that our company is the stage for our employees to live a prosperous and rewarding life, working in harmony and feeling the joy of working as they grow and develop in their career.This is a stage where people connect, help, and stimulate each other. We believe that the combined performance of all employees is the essential driving force of companies in today's society.As a distribution company dealing in metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and high-function materials, we will continue to make suitable suggestions to our customers and deliver the materials for the production machinery and equipment that they ordered with speed and precision.

Providing a rich supply of stainless steel

Be Well Off

Our mission at YOSHU is to contribute to the advancement of society by providing top-quality products and services that satisfy our customers while pursuing the physical and spiritual happiness of all our employees.
We strive to serve our customers to our best ability, catering to the changing times in advance, and we believe that this will lead to societal contributions and the happiness of our employees.