YOSHU Family
We are all family

"YOSHU Family" refers to anyone who is related to our company, and we consider them as family.
Inheriting the "benefit not oneself but others" spirit from our founder, we aspire to be a company that contributes to the happiness of our employees, partners, customers, people of the region and their families.



Our employee events include social gatherings managed by our second-year hires. We also organise elaborately-planned summer festivals, Christmas parties and BBQ parties 3~5 times a year for our employees and their families.
We consider our employees' children as our own, and our events are often full of children jumping about.

Members-exclusive Lodging Facilities

Our full-time employees enjoy access to XIV, our members-exclusive lodging facilities.
Families and friends of our employees are also allowed to join in.
While each employee is eligible for a single booking each year, it is cheaper than most hotels.
We have many other facilities, so please refer to the attached link for details.

Please refer here for a list of our facilities.

Driver's License Support Program

We have a Driver's License Support Program for new employees (full-time employees who entered the company in the last 5 months) who do not have a driver's license.
Attending the driver's license boarding school will be considered as part of training and employees will be paid.
Although employees have to bear the school fees themselves, this program is well-received by our new employees who are not yet eligible to apply for leave from work.

Commuting by car possible (Osaka & Matsuyama)

Employees at our Osaka headquarters and Matsuyama branch are able to drive to work as we have parking lots available. This is because both offices are located in the industrial estate where transport is not as convenient. Commuting by bicycle or motorbike is also possible.
In the case of Osaka, there are bus stops within walking distance so employees may commute by bus.
Employees are to decide on their own commutation route and inform the general affairs department to apply for their transport fare.


Golf Club

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age and gender.
You can continue pursuing the sport even in old age!
At YOSHU, we hold golfing competitions twice a year, in spring and fall.
Our president wanted to become a professional golfer in his younger days and he now coaches and plays golf as a member of our golf club.

Baseball Club

The All Japan Stainless Steel Distributors' Association, which we are a part of, organizes a tournament each year.
Our employees play catchball at the carpark in front of our factory during lunch to practise so do join us!
First-timers are also welcome!

Track & Field

Our track and field team began with the wish to create a gathering place for people who love running.
We welcome all who love to run, regardless of speed, experience or age.
This is a team that was formed by our members with different goals such as an interest in running, love for challenge or making new friends.

Club Activities Support

If you do not have a club that you are interested in, or the club you wish to join does not exist, you can create a new club as long as you gather 5 or more members.
That was how fishing club, bowling club and cooking clubs were formed.
Financial assistance will be provided based on the number of members as our way of supporting inter-division and inter-generational interactions.