Co-creating a New Nature

We are constantly thinking of ways to attain our goals of co-creation with nature (water, the air, energy, etc), 100 years into the future. We are currently at the stage of building a nature-conscious network of people, businesses and industries, going beyond our role as a stainless steel distributor. The organizations mentioned under our CSR are our associates outside of stainless steel distribution.

Suisen Fukushikai
Kazenoko Sodachien

Similarly situated in Osaka's Nishiyodogawa ward, our partner, Kazenoko Sodachien provides a base for people suffering from disabilities to live as a member of society. Our joint projects include inviting a bakery to sell bread once a month, inviting a taiko group to perform at company events and selling the produce we farmed.
We also celebrate the coming-of-age of our employees during the New Year's gathering organized by Kazenoko Sodachien.

Liangshan Yi Community
Liangshan Trust Farm

Ever since our forage into China, we have supported the education of 10 children from the Yi minority, as part of our contributions to China.
These children from a faraway place are studying hard to in hopes of becoming active members of society in the future.
We look forward to the day when they can work alongside with us as full-fledged adults.

Japan Bear & Forest Society

Deforestation in Japan is more severe than people think. We obtain hard-to-access information on the situation in remote areas from our associates and think about what we can do to help as a company.
We work closely with our associates to ensure that our future generations will continue to enjoy a livable environment.
Please refer to our CSR website here.


A hall mainly for classical music, with a capacity of about 100 persons.
This warm space built with high quality wood is used for concerts, presentations amd rehearsals.
Managed by a conductress who takes on the role of commentator for our monthly concerts. Please contact Ms Tomomi Nishimoto's office for details.
Please refer to our CSR website here.


Osaka's soccer club formed by residents of Osaka.
YOSHU supports the club in their J-League dreams as a contribution to Osaka's vibrance.
Please refer to our CSR website here.