YOSHU TANPAN SANGYO CO., LTD. (hereby referred to as "the Company") is entrusted with the personal data of our customers through the provision our services.
The Company strives to protect personal data in order to give our customers reassurance and to further build trust in our relationships.
The Company handles all personal data appropriately in accordance with the personal data protection laws.

1. Regarding the Handling of Personal Information
Information obtained by the Company will be solely for stated purposes. Personal data will not be obtained by unlawful means.
2. Regarding the Usage of Personal Information
Usage of personal information will involve the following purposes:
◆Providing information on products and services via email
◆Sending of direct mails
In the event of usage of personal information for purposes that are not stated above, permission will be sought from the individual.
3. Protecting Personal Data
The Company has implemented measures against the leakage, loss and damage of personal data.
4. Regarding the Outsourcing of Personal Information
In the event of outsourcing partial or complete personal data to third-parties, the involved party will undergo strict screening and be subject to supervision to ensure that he/she is handling personal data in an appropriate manner.
5. Regarding Third-Party Sharing of Personal Information
Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without the individual's consent, unless otherwise stated by law.
6. About Access Analysis Tools
On this site, we use Google Analytics, an access analysis tool by Google. This tool uses cookies to collect traffic data.This traffic data is collected anonymously and is not used to identify individuals. Please check your browser settings as you can choose to disable cookies to prevent the collection of your traffic data. Please check here for more information.
7. Regarding the Disclosure and Revision of Personal Information
The Company will proceed promptly with any requests to disclose, revise or remove personal information, once we have confirmed the identity of the individual
The Company will only respond to requests if we are able to confirm the identity of the individual.
If you have any enquiries regarding the handling of personal data, please contact the following address:
YOSHU TANPAN SANGYO CO., LTD. General Affairs Department
2-10-154 Nakanoshima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Tel 06-6473-9118 Fax 06-6473-5632
8. The Organization and System
The person-in-charge of personal data will be General Affairs Manager Mr Hiroshi Watanabe and he will carry out appropriate management and continue to improve the safeguarding of personal data.
9. Changes in Policy
There may be changes to the details in our policy.
Changes to our policies will take effect from the time of publication on this website unless otherwise specified by our company.