"Achieving our Goals together as One Team"



Steel plate section cutting Team Leader, Osaka Factory / Hire of 2013

Born in 1994, now married with a family of 3. Enjoys softball as a hobby and is part of the softball club. Also a softball coach for elementary school students.

Q.Why did you join YOSHU?

A.My mother works in YOSHU so I often attended company events from a young age. From that time, I felt that YOSHU was a great company so I had no reservations about working there when I grew up. My mother is currently in the Sales Division.

Initially I didn't know the basics and often made mistakes or got myself injured. However, I eventually got used to the work with the guidance of my superiors and senior colleagues.

Many of the employees whom I met during my childhood have become my senior colleagues today. I grew up inspired by them and I would like to attain their level of profession as much as possible. Thanks to the guidance of my superiors and colleagues, I am now the sub-leader of my team.

Q.What is work like in your department?

A.My work mainly involves cutting stainless steel plates into sizes requested by our customers, using the shearing machine. Even in busy times, I strive to attend to my customers' needs to the best of my ability by meeting their deadlines and carrying out the 5S (Sorting, Setting-in-Order, Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining the Discipline) as part of the Health and Safety Committee.

Being a member of the Health and Safety Committee involves a lot of heavy responsbilities, but I was able to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and create a safe work environment with the cooperation of my colleagues.

Although there have been times when work was not going well for our department, we held meetings and tried to create a better work environment where we could work unitedly as a team, putting our customers' needs as our priority. When we achieved our target, we felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

Q.Message to future hires.

A.It might be overwhelming at the start with so many things to learn, but don't worry, your superiors and senior colleagues are always here to help, so you will get the hang of things soon enough. There is a homely atmosphere at the workplace and you will be able to interact with your colleagues outside of work through our 4 annual events. This is a workplace where we work and enjoy our achievements together as a team so do join us!