"Happiness comes from being of help to my customers"



1st Sales Division Section 3 / Hire of 2019

I enjoy eating so I often cook or go out to sample various food. I have a sweet tooth so I sometimes reward myself with cakes after work.

Q.Why did you join YOSHU?

A.I was looking for a clerical job with a sales aspect that allows me to interact closely with my customers. I felt that the usage of phone calls and FAX at YOSHU helps to build close relationships with customers. Furthermore, the single-floor office allows the various departments to work closely with one another and that appealed greatly to me.

Upon entering the company, I was coached on a one-to-one basis by a trainer for half a year. My trainer was very patient and explained things in a way that wa easy for me to understand. He also gave me a lot of advice such that I was able to settle into my new job quickly.

Even after my training, I continued to receive guidance from my higher-ups and learnt how to actively pick up calls and take orders. Now, everyday is a learning experience for me as I continue to polish my work skills.

Q.What is work like in your department?

A.We are mainly involved in customer support, receiving requests for quotations or orders via telephone, FAX and email.

It is always a rewarding experience when my customers accepts my suggestions on what product to get as I feel like I have been able to be of use to them. The number of calls received and mistakes in orders are displayed on a monthly basis, and I always feel a sense of accomplishment whenever my performance is one of the higher ranking ones.

It always makes me happy when customers remember my name. The experience of thinking about what I can do for my customers, resulting in me being of help to them is by far the most memorable one for me.

Q.Message to future hires.

A.I am sure many new hires will be wondering "Will I be able to work for the company?". At YOSHU, individual opinions are respected and your colleagues are always there to guide you so plase rest assured! Let us work hard together!